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“Maigre” / “Courbine” (FR), “Ombrine” (IT), “Corvina” (ES,USA), “Meagre” (UK,USA,CAN), “Mylokopi (Kranios)” (GR)

Its scientific name is Argyrosomus regius (Asso, 1801) and it belongs to the family of Sciaenidae. Can reach a length of over 2 meters and a weight of over 100 kilograms.

It is a benthopelagic oceanodromous fish that usually lives in depths up to 300 m., in reefs or even shipwrecks. It is, however, also often met in relatively shallow seabeds, with rocks, sand and seaweed beds, while it is not uncommon in brackish waters.
It is spread throughout the entire Mediterranean, the Black sea, and the Eastern shores of the Atlantic ocean while it recently migrated to the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.

It is a carnivorous fish that feeds mainly on smaller fish (clupeids and mugilids) and swimming crustaceans.

Can be cooked in various forms (whole, loins, fillets) grilled, baked or boiled in a fish soup. Very tasty white, juicy flesh.